Dr. Philip Henkin

is a board-certified neurosurgeon in Brandon, Florida.

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Dr. Philip Henkin is a board-certified neurosurgeon in Brandon, Florida. After years of General Neurosurgery, Dr. Henkin has chosen to concentrate on diseases of spinal compression. He specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) and complex spinal reconstruction. Henkin is a solo practitioner with privileges at several area hospitals, including St. Joseph’s Hospital - South and Tampa Minimally Invasive Spine and Surgery Center. He has been deftly relieving his patients of acute and chronic back pain for over two decades.

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March 22, 2023

What are the Three Most Common Causes of Aneurysms?

An aneurysms is a large hole or bulge in the body’s walls of a blood vessel. It can be found in the brain, aorta, or abdomen. A person who suffers an aneurysm can experience symptoms like headaches or abdominal pain. But fortunately, there are many treatments available to alleviate or remove an aneurysm, including surgery […]

February 23, 2023

What Is The Most Frequent Neurosurgical Technique?

There are a few different answers if you are wondering what the most common neurosurgical procedure is. There are anterior cervical discectomy, microvascular decompression, trigeminal neuralgia, and craniotomy. Anterior cervical discectomy Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion is the most common neurosurgical procedure for patients suffering from cervical pain. This surgery involves the removal of the […]

Dr. Philip Henkin
February 10, 2023

How long does a person with glioblastoma typically live?

The life expectancy of an individual with glioblastoma is contingent on various circumstances. A prognosis can only be determined by a physician knowledgeable about the patient’s condition and treatment options. Glioblastoma affects people of all ages. However, older persons are more susceptible. It might worsen headaches, nausea and vomiting, disorientation or loss of brain function, […]

January 26, 2023

What is the Main Cause of Aneurysms?

There are many different causes of aneurysms. For example, they can occur in the brain or aorta. Generally, these types of aneurysms are caused by a blockage of blood flow to the tissue. Depending on how the blockage occurs, treatment can range from simple surgery to more sophisticated options. What is the Main Cause of […]

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