September 27, 2022

Spinal Fusion – How to Minimize Intraoperative Blood Loss

Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure in which a bone graft is implanted between two vertebrae. This procedure prevents motion between the fused vertebrae and is an excellent treatment for certain spinal conditions. Although spinal fusion can be risky, it is also a safe option. Spinal fusion is done by placing a bone graft between […]

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Dr. Philip Henkin
September 12, 2022

What is the Most Common Neurosurgery Procedure

When you think of neurosurgery procedure, you probably imagine brain tumors. However, this procedure can also treat other conditions, like epilepsy. Here’s how it works: During the process, a neurosurgeon stimulates the area surrounding the tumor with small electrodes. They then ask the patient to perform different tasks. This helps them create a map of […]

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September 1, 2022

What is the Life Expectancy of a Person With Glioblastoma?

You’re not alone if you have brain cancer and are worried about your life expectancy. Infiltrative cancers, like glioblastoma, have a concise survival rate. Unfortunately, it’s only about five percent. This number has remained stagnant for the past 50 years. However, the Glioblastoma Foundation is working to improve patient outcomes. Median survival The median survival […]

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August 19, 2022

What is the Most Common Neurosurgery Procedure?

The most common neurosurgical procedures are those that treat the nervous system. These procedures include spinal stenosis, Craniotomy, and spinal cord decompression. Learn more about them in this article. After reading this article, we also look at some of the latest techniques, including Intraoperative brain mapping. What will better equip you to choose the correct […]

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July 28, 2022

Recovery From a Lumbar Laminectomy

If you’re considering a laminectomy, you’re probably wondering what to expect after the procedure. This article covers the risks of laminectomy, how to recover from it, and recovery tips. The article will also give you information about the recovery process for lumbar laminectomy. Having this surgery can be a major life-changing event. Listed below are […]

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July 4, 2022

How Common is Scoliosis Surgery?

How Common is Scoliosis Surgery? Philip Henkin Scoliosis surgery is the most common spinal deformity among school-aged children. It involves the insertion of back rods to correct the deformity. Read on to learn more about the process and the risks and benefits of scoliosis surgery. Read on to learn more about the symptoms and recovery […]

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